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Quiz on 'Google AdWords Fundamentals Exam'

Title: Quiz on 'Google AdWords Fundamentals Exam'

Question 1
1. Your client's campaign is getting a lot of clicks, but the conversion rate is low. Which approach could help improve your client's conversion rate?
1Broaden the list of keywords to reach more potential customers
2Make sure the landing page is closely related to the ad
3Increase the average daily budget for the campaign
4Increase the cost-per-click (CPC) bid for low-performing keywords
2. When setting up a campaign, you can use Display Planner to get an idea of the budget and bids you should set based on your:
1historical conversion rate estimates for your keyword and placement ideas
2traffic estimates for placement ideas
3traffic estimates for your keyword ideas
4historical cost-per-click (CPC) estimates for your keyword and placement ideas
3. Which of the following items is not a component of Quality Score?
1Maximum cost-per-click (max. CPC) bid
2Ad relevance
3Landing page experience
4Expected clickthrough rate (CTR)
4. Suppose you have created an ad group to advertise gourmet chocolate, and it includes keywords like "dark chocolate" and "gourmet chocolate bars." If you opted this particular campaign into the Google Display Network, what type of targeting would automatically be used to determine whether your ads might show?
1Topic targeting would be used to target all pages about chocolate, regardless of whether your exact keywords appear on the page.
2Automatic placements would be used to contextually target sites that share the same themes as the keywords within your campaign.
3Managed placements would be used to target specific sites you had selected as being important to oyur client.
4Remarketing would be used to automatically target users who had previously visited sites that related to your keywords.
5. An advertiser wants to allocate additional budget to advertising a new product line. In order to accomplish this goal, the advertiser should create:
1an ad group specific to the product line with a higher daily budget
2an ad group specific to the product line with targeted ad text
3a campaign with a separate daily budget specific to the product line
4additional text ads that specifically feature the product line
Question 6
6. If the cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) option is not available for a campaign, the most likely reason is that the campaign:
1is only opted into the Google search and the Search Network
2is only opted into the Google Display Network
3has never used CPM pricing before
4has used CPM pricing before
7. Nadia manages a local gym and is running an ad to drive more free trial memberships. What could she include in her ad text?
1Add a call-to-action like "Sign up for a free trial"
2A call-to-action like "Visit our gym now"
3Add a promotion like "20% off fitness classes"
4A prominent headline like "TRIAL MEMBERSHIPS AVAILABLE"
8. Which budget delivery option is most appropriate for an advertiser who wants AdWords to distribute ads evenly throughout the day?
9. Which line of ad text would be disapproved based on Googles advertising policies?
1Best deals- click here
2Want fast results?
3Free shipping
4Fast, easy, effective
10. Grouping similar keywords together in an ad group will:
1keep an advertisers average cost-per-click (CPC) within a narrow range
2ensure that the ads and keywords in that ad group are approved
3allow an advertiser to creae ads relevant to those keywords
4allow an advertiser to use only broad match keywords
Question 11
11. Belinda's boutique just started carrying 3 new designer labels. She wants to show an image ad announcing the new collections to people who are browsing websites about designer clothing. Which campaign is a good fit?
1"Display Network only - All features"
2"Search Network only - All features"
3"Search Network only - Standard"
12. In order for cost-per-click (CPC) ads and cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) ads to compete with each other in the same auction on the Google Display Network, the AdWords system converts the CPC ads bid to:
1an effective CPM conversion
2a CPM
3a CPM conversion
4an effective CPM
13. Someone using the Google Russian search domain ( changes the language to Englishon the "preferences" page. This user may see ads targeted to:
1Russian speakers in the Czech Republic
2English speakers in Russia
3Russian speakers in Germany
4English speakers in the United States
14. Which is a benefit of advertising online?
1Reach people who are likely interested in what you're advertising
2Make money by showing ads on your website
3Automatically collect information about potential customers
4Increase your position in organic search results
15. If your campaign is opted into show ads on the Google Display Network, and your Display Network ads have a lower CTR than your existing search ads - how will this impact the quality score of your search campaign?
1Your quality score will be adjusted to reflect the average CTR of both your search and display network campaign performance.
2None of these options is correct
3Your ad performance on the Display Network does not affect your rank for search ads, so a lower CTR on the Display Network does not affect the Quality score of your ads for search
4Your daily budget will be adjusted to account for a drop in CTR and in increase in the CPCs needed to maintain the existing Ad Rank of your search campaigns
Question 16
16. Using the paid & organic report for her travel website, Karen noticed a relatively high organic clicks/query rate for the search query "Hawaii vacations." What does this mean?
1Karen's ads don?t often show for the search query
2Karen's average organic position is higher than other advertisers', but her average ad position is lower than other advertisers'
3Karen's ads often show below her organic results for the search query
4People who see Karen's site in relevant organic search results often click through to her site
17. A client that owns a fine-dining restaurant in London wants to get more phone calls from people researching places to eat on their mobile phones. How should you optimize this client's campaign to help achieve their goal?
1Include a phone number in the client's ad's headlines and monitor performance with the mobile clicks-to-call segment
2Add call extensions to the client's ads and monitor performance with the mobile clicks-to-call segment
3Include a phone number in the client's ad's headline and monitor performance with the top vs. other segment
4Add call extensions to the client's ads and monitor performance with the top vs. other segment
18. Which client would you advise to advertise on the Google Search Network?
1Carol, who wants to reach people watching YouTube videos
2Jim, who wants to reach people on social networks interested in poetry
3Bill, who wants to reach people looking for plumbing services
4Suzy, who wants to reach people browsing travel websites about China
19. Which formula represents how Ad Rank is determined on Google search?
1Popularity of the website being advertised
2How much an advertiser is willing to spend each day
3Historic average position of each ad
4Maximum cost-per-click (CPC) multiplied by Quality Score
20. Which is the best bidding option for an advertiser who wants to drive more clicks from mobile devices?
1Target return on ad spend (ROAS)
2Mobile bid adjustments
3Cost-per-acquisition (CPA)
4Target search page location flexible bidding strategy