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Basic Packages for Local Businesses in India

Website developement and maintenance

  1. Website hosting for 1 year - Rs 5000
  2. Website creation, 5 static pages, 20 images - Rs 5000
  3. Website Tuneup (speed) - Rs 5000.
  4. Website Analytics Setup - Rs 1000
  5. Website maintenance with monthly PPT reports - Rs 5000/month.
  6. Creating google sites, google plus page, google maps listing with verified phone and address - Rs 3000

* You must provide the photos, videos and text; we will correct it and put it up on the website.

Google Adwords

  1. Adwords account setup with 1 campaign, 1 ad group, 10 text ads,100 keywords, Rs 5000
  2. Additional 10 image ads, remarketing tags, 100 Keywords - Rs 5000.
  3. Conversion tracking setup - Rs 5000.
  4. Adwords account maintenance, 1000 keywords/month, monthly PPT reports - Rs 10,000/month.
  5. One day EDP on digital marketing with Google Adwords, 3+3 hours, lecture and lab, max 10 people/1 company - Rs 10,000 + travel.

* You must provide the photos, videos, target customer demographics, geo targetting, your competition; we will use the data and information to create your ad campaigns. You will be given reports of the ads created.

Website Security and Privacy

  1. Website audit for performance - Rs 5000. 
  2. Website audit for security - Rs 10,000.
  3. Audit for customer privacy - Rs 10,000
  4. One day EDP for protecting your data, 3+3 hour, lecture and lab (max 10 people/1 company)  - Rs 20,000 + travel.


  • Prices subject to change.
  • Payment in Advance.
  • Discounts for Educational / NGOs under our CSR. Mention Coupon Code: NGO12
  • Discounts for SMBs (Small medium businesses) using digital marketing for first time. Mention Coupon code: SMB44


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