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Quiz on 'Road Safety'

Title: Quiz on 'Road Safety'

Question 1
1. What does a flashing amber traffic light mean?
1Signal out of order
3Slow down
2. When you see a driver close behind you, you should:
1Change lanes to avoid them
2Tap your brakes
3Speed up
4Slow down to send them a message that you're annoyed
3. If you spot a spider in your vehicle while you're driving, you should
1Ignore it
2Pick it up and throw it out the window
3Pull over and deal with it
4Squash it until there's nothing left of it
4. If your brakes fail while driving, what's the best way to stop your vehicle?
1Pump the brakes
2Apply the parking brake
3Spin the vehicle sideways
4Drive uphill until you stop
5. An emergency vehicle with siren and flashing lights is coming from behind; what should you do?
1Pull over and stop
2Move to the right lane and keep driving
3Keep driving so you can stay ahead of them
4Nothing; it's their responsibility to go around you
Question 6
6. If another driver shows that they're angry at you, what should you do?
1Drive to a quiet, remote location
2Stare or show them the finger
3Ignore them
4Drive away from them quickly to a police station
7. What causes drivers to become distracted the most?
1Other drivers and vehicles
2All other choices
3Their personal thoughts
8. You should check your rear view mirror?
1After you apply the brake
2When you think there may be a problem behind you
3Every 5 to 8 seconds
4To check your make-up or hair
9. What's the best way to overcome driving while drowsy after a long day at work?
1Do exercises to get the blood flowing
2Get fresh air
3Take a break and rest
4Drink coffee
10. When are most fatal crashes happening?
1Sunday afternoons
2Rush hour
3Saturday's night drinking
4Friday night on a long weekend
Question 11
11. Which lane is the best lane to drive in?
1Doesn't matter as long as I get there
2The lane that provides the safest travels at that time
3The fast lane
4The slow lane
12. What's the safest way to park in a large parking lot?
1Back into the space
2Drive into the space; nose first
3Doesn't matter as long as you do it safely
4Drive through the space into the next one so you're facing out
13. What should you do once the red light turns green at a crossing?
1Press the gas pedal
2Scan the intersection to see if it's clear
3Honk at the sleeping driver ahead of you
4Immediately follow the driver ahead of you into the intersection
14. When you are stopped in traffic at a red light, what should you be checking?
1Your hair in mirror
2Traffic coming from behind
3Traffic to the left and right
4Dashboard warning lights
5The signal to be ready when it changes.
15. What's the most dangerous action that a driver faces?
1Parallel parking
2High speed driving
3Annoying backseat passengers
4Sudden action by other vehicles.
Question 16
16. What's the best way to drive near cyclists?
1Change lanes completely well before you reach them
2Slow down while passing them
3Stay behind them until they turn off the road
4Honk the horn to warn them
17. When approaching a Yield sign, what must you do?
1Look left and right and go quickly
2Look left and right and go slowly
3Slow down; and go when clear
4Stop; and go when clear
18. While driving, the best way to stay focused is:
1Turn off the radio and drink your coffee slowly
2Listen to soft music
3Scan the road
4Sing or pray silently.
19. What's the most commonly reported collision?
1Pedestrian with cellphone struck
2Not slowing at Intersection
3Head on crash, driving wrong way in one way highway.
4Rear crash, not keeping safe distance.
20. If you're involved in a collision, the first thing you should do is;
1Call your family
2Exchange information with the other driver
3Protect the injured
4Call your insurance company